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Esperanza Reyes Echeverry

Study programme Industrial Development Programming

Year of graduation 1971

Country of origin Colombia

Current occupation Retired. I worked for 35 years as a Financial Advisor, as Vice-president of one of the biggest banks in Colombia, as Planning Advisor at the National Planning Department and with UNDP. After retiring, I went to the USA and worked for 10 more years.

What made your time at ISS so special? The friendships I made. I remain in touch with 8 of them. After 50 years we still feel as if it were only yesterday that we met. I have incredible memories of my stay at ISS.

What is your most memorable moment at ISS? Getting to know different people from different cultures and experiences. Our teachers, so friendly and open. Living in the Queen’s Palace [former ISS building, ed]. And getting to know Holland: a beautiful country, its people so friendly and nice. Some of them are still my friends. What we learned was very useful to our professional development. 

What does ISS mean to you now? The greatest experience you can have the opportunity to visit Europe. I feel proud of being a graduate from this important institute. I recommended it as a serious and important institute due to the variety and level of studies and the experience of the professors. ISS stands for quality and recognized international prestige.   

Ahmad Faraz

Study programme MA in Development Studies - Social Justice Perspective with Specialization in Human Rights, Conflict and Gender

Year of graduation 2018

Country of origin India

Current occupation Gender Technical Expert (War Child Holland)

What made your time at ISS so special? ISS provided a space to not only learn critical thought but to immerse in it through engagement with the diverse cultures and thought processes that it attracts from all over the world.

What is your most memorable moment at ISS? The celebration of its diversity, which one can see every day, but especially during the International Day celebration.

What does ISS mean to you now? It’s a place where I nurtured and honed my intellect and learned empathy. It’s my home away from home.

Carlos Osvaldo Scornik
Carlos Osvaldo Scornik

Study programme Regional Development Planning 

Year of graduation 1972

Country of origin Argentina

Current occupation Advisor on Human Settlements and the Environment in various Argentinian Provinces and International Organizations. Peer Reviewer for Argentinian National Commission on University Evaluation and Accreditation.

What made your time at ISS so special? Getting to know and interact with people from many different countries and cultures and forging bonds of social harmony and international fraternity. Just as important, getting to know the Dutch economy, administration and society.

What is your most memorable moment at ISS? My lecture about Argentinian Economy and my research paper presentation, plus the frequent high-level discussions and conversations with our resident and visiting professors.

What does ISS mean to you now? It was a pleasant experience which broadened my mind personally and professionally. 

Agrippine Ndemukulunga Nandjaa
Agrippine Ndemukulunga Nandjaa

Study programme MA in Development Studies - Social Policy for Development

Year of graduation 2019

Country of origin Republic of Namibia

Current occupation Director of Caritas Namibia

What made your time at ISS so special? At ISS we became a global family during the 15 months of studies! 

What is your most memorable moment at ISS? I have uncountable beautiful memorable moments at ISS. It prepared me broadly to embark on my professional development career.

What does ISS mean to you now? ISS is an institute designed to prepare careers in all spheres of development studies. It is a diverse and inclusive institute which prepares individuals to apply knowledge to practical issues of development and social change.