Where are they now?

Marine Assahira

Study programme MA in Development Studies, Major in Governance and Development Policies

Year of graduation 2018

Country of origin Brazil

Current occupation Program Officer at IDH Sustainable Trade Initiative focusing on value chain development

What made your time at ISS special? ISS has broadened my understanding of the world and has challenged my prejudices, not only through the critical studies provided but also by allowing me to be in contact with students from all over the world with the huge ambition of solving complex development issues.

What is your most memorable moment at ISS? The moment that I understood how privileged I was in being together with so many unique colleagues during ‘The Making of Development’ final presentation.

What does ISS mean to you now? An invitation for questioning.

Judith Marshall

Study programme MA in Development Studies

Year of graduation 1972

Country of origin Canada

Current occupation Workplace literacy trainer (Mozambique); Labour education on global issues and Southern Africa projects coordination (Canada)

How did the study contribute to your career? It deepened my knowledge of global systems and of the discourses and key institutions that drive the concept and practice of development. It laid good foundations for embarking on my PhD.

What was your overall experience at ISS? It gave me the opportunity to process the learning and the questions that had emerged in the three years I had spent working in the resettlement towns of a Volta River Project in Ghana.

It allowed me to reflect on the impact of major infrastructure on rural societies; themes I have continued to research and write about.                                                                                

The diversity of the staff and students at ISS meant that comparative studies were built into every discussion. 

Himshi Jamil Husain

Study programme Universalization of Social Securities for the Poor

Year of graduation 2005

Country of origin India

Current occupation Head Biodiversity, Corporate Sustainability at Tata Steel

What made your time at ISS special? Exposure to the world’s the best teaching and research community; Unity in diversity; ISS approach to respect and the promotion of a multicultural society.

What is your most memorable moment at ISS? The International Food Festival to support Tsunami-affected communities in 2005.

What does ISS mean to you now? For me ISS is a global village with extraordinary, eminent teaching and high-quality research in development studies. Learnings from ISS have sharpened my skills and knowledge about sustainable development. This has helped me to persue my passion to contribute and serve society.

Genevieve Partington

Study programme MA in Development Studies: Social Justice Perspectives with specialization Women and Gender Studies

Year of graduation 2013

Country of origin Ghana

Current occupation Regional Gender Coordinator at Oxfam for a project on gender-based violence.

What made your time at ISS special? The fact that ISS was a global village. So many nationalities and so much to learn from each other due to the diversity.

What is your most memorable moment at ISS? My most memorable moments at ISS were at Oude Molstraat. We were a small community of ISS students and we enjoyed learning and sharing with each other. We shared everything: from food, books, beers, laughter and tears throughout our stay.

What does ISS mean to you now? ISS means a place of multiculturalism and diversity. It was an amazing personal development and academic experience. I made some of the awesome friends I have in my life over there.


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