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Heideliza Roba Batausa
Heideliza Roba Batausa

Study programme MA Development Studies Major in Agriculture and Rural Development
Year of graduation 2001
Country of origin Philippines
Current occupation Faculty Member, Economics Department, School of Education, Arts and Sciences (SEAS), National University (NU) Baliwag, Bulacan, Philippines
What made your time at ISS special? The varied interactions among people. My classmates were also friends. I miss the discussions also in the student lounge.
What's your most memorable moment at ISS? I would have to say the International Students Day. We were able to showcase our own country to the rest of the ISS community.
What does ISS mean to you now? A very productive and meaningful interlude because I didn’t only enrich myself professionally but also personally. It would be very difficult to find any school in the world that has such diversity as ISS. More power to you guys always!

Wilbert Flinterman
Wilbert Flinterman

Study programme MA in Development Studies - Work, Employment and Globalization   
Year of graduation 2010
Country of origin The Netherlands
Current occupation Senior Advisor, Workers’ Rights and Trade Union Relations, Fairtrade International 
What made your time at ISS special? Learning from great thinkers about labour in a development context, my research internship in India, my contact with ISS staff and, of course, the fabulous community of students at the Dorus flat.
What's your most memorable moment at ISS? Accompanying Palestinian boys who were visiting ISS to watch a football match with tickets arranged by Robin Koers. Academically, I fondly remember working on my MA research paper supervised by Lee Pegler. He helped me to build a 'story'.
What does ISS mean to you now? ISS is the place that allowed me to live among a wonderful diverse community, reside in beautiful The Hague, and make a crucial change in my career to be where I am now.

Sudeshna Mukherjee
Sudeshna Mukherjee

Study programme MA Development Studies - Agriculture and Rural Development
Year of graduation 1996
Country of origin India
Current occupation Head Communications and Marketing @PopulationCouncil Consulting
What made your time at ISS special? ISS holds an important and special place in my life. It was a learning journey for me. For the first time in my life, I interacted with a vibrant and diverse community that brought with them wealth of information. Interacting with individuals from different cultural, ethnic and linguistic backgrounds enriched the academic and social experience and also fostered cross-cultural understanding and collaboration.

On the academic front, while the professors share their global experience, the rich experience of my classmates exposed me to a wide range of global perspectives and ideas. Discourses, discussions and extracurricular activities helped in listening to and respecting diverse viewpoints, encouraging critical thinking and broadening my understanding of complex issues. Now I have friends and associates across the globe. The term ‘ISS’ connects people naturally.
What's your most memorable moment at ISS? There are many but if I have to choose one, then I will choose the cultural events and festivals, the International Day celebration. For me it was an eye-opener. I enjoyed every moment of it and loved dancing to the tunes of different music.
What does ISS mean to you now? Graduation from ISS has lent me credentials and paved my professional journey. For me, ISS is a springboard which has shaped my professional and personal journey. I feel that I am part of a diverse yet connected community.

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