Where are they now?

Badmus Mutui

Name: Badmus Mutiu

Country: Ghana

Organization: Department of Agriculture

Position: Senior Agriculture Officer

Study at ISS: MA in Development Studies - Agrarian, Food and Environmental Studies

Year of graduation: 2016

How did the study contribute to your career?

It has developed and deepens my knowledge and skills in ecology and agrarian issues which has contributed to my critical analysis and ability in problem solving and achieving my professional goals.

What was your overall experience at ISS?

It was such a great experience full of lasting memories. ISS has given me exposure and so much to be proud of going into the world of politics of issues around food, agrarian and environment.

Phongjira Ploysarek

Name: Phongjira Ploysarak

Country: Thailand (Now residing in Australia)

Organization: University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

Position: Administrator

Study at ISS: Public Policy and Administration

Year of graduation: 2002

How did the study contribute to your career?

The study in PPA opened my views of public policy in other countries. I have gained a lot of knowledge about best practice which I can apply in my own organization. In my current administrative role at the University of New South Wales, I have used this knowledge of best policy practice and the performance measurement of public organizations.

What was your overall experience at ISS?

The experience at ISS was one of the best experiences of my life. I met a lot of people from over the world and we have become good friends and formed good network. The professors and staff at ISS were very helpful and made my time at ISS so memorable. Whenever I face difficult problems in my life, I always remember what my supervisor (Dr Roger Tangri) told me, ‘Just break your problems into small pieces’.  That always works! For me, ISS is not just a school, it is a family.

Christopher Jack Knowles

Name: Christopher Jack Knowles

Country: United States of America

Organization: Paysys Global

Position: Analyst, Digital Financial Services and Digital Payments

Study at ISS: MA Development Studies - Economics of Development

Year of graduation: 2018

How did the study contribute to your career?

ISS helped me to refine my research and writing skills as well as teaching me to think critically and question why things are the way that they are. These skills are critical to being an Analyst as much of the position requires market research, surveying as well as data analysis.  My MA research on micro-finance and poverty in the Philippines provided me with the background and experience necessary to be effective in my current position where we are promoting financial inclusion through digital payment systems in the Philippines.

What was your overall experience at ISS?

ISS was a very memorable experience for me where I learned so many different things from the professors and international student base. Working in international development, it is great to have a strong network of alumni around the world that can help with local projects and provide country insights. I owe much of my academic and personal growth and maturation to ISS and the wonderful people who make it a very special and unique research and learning institution.

Padmini Indira Samarasinghe

Name: Mrs Padmini Indira Senaratne Samarasinghe (President’s Counsel)

Country: Sri Lanka

Organization: Sri Lanka Law College

Position: Principal, Sri Lanka Law College, the first lady Principal from its inception. (more than 140 years old)

Study at ISS: Post Graduate Diploma in International Law and Organization for Development

Year of graduation: 1995

How did the study contribute to your career?

My programme helped me in my work at the Sri Lanka Law College and at other Institutions. It also helped me in preparing articles for law magazines, conferences and newspapers. I have been given several awards such as the Zonta Woman of Achievement Award and the Top 50 Professional and Career Women Award, Sri Lanka for the Inspirational Woman of the Year (Gold Category) for exceptional contributions and achievements in the legal field.

Would you recommend ISS to others interested in studying Development Studies? Yes

What was your overall experience at ISS?

Pleasant and enjoyable. In addition to study, my stay at ISS opened up avenues to travel across Europe with students of other countries. Very supportive staff both academic and non-academic.


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